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Course CodeTitlePDFSubjectDateStart TimeEnd TimeSpeakersCurrent FeeCe HoursStatus
C101A Office Oral Surgery for General Practitioner Made Easy Oral Surgery02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMRobert Edwab $90.003.00Open
C101B Office Oral Surgery for General Practitioner Made Easy Oral Surgery02-21-20131:30 PM4:30 PMRobert Edwab $90.003.00Open
C102A Making Implants Part of Your Everyday Practice Implants02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMRobert Faulkner $90.003.00Open
C102B Making Implants Part of Your Everyday Practice Implants02-21-20131:30 PM4:30 PMRobert Faulkner $90.003.00Open
C103A Fun Pharmacological Review for Dentistry Pharmacotherapeutics02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMBarton Johnson $90.003.00Open
C103B Fun Pharmacological Review for Dentistry Pharmacotherapeutics02-21-20131:30 PM4:30 PMBarton Johnson $90.003.00Open
C104A Immediate Dentures: Reduce Patient (and Doctor) Discomfort Prosthodontics02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMM. Nader Sharifi $90.003.00Open
C104B Immediate Dentures: Reduce Patient (and Doctor) Discomfort Prosthodontics02-21-20131:30 PM4:30 PMM. Nader Sharifi $90.003.00Open
C105 Playing the Collections, Accounts Receivable Game Practice Management02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMLois Banta $90.003.00Open
C106 Crowns Have Changed Radically, Have You? Restorative Dentistry02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMGordon Christensen $90.003.00Open
C107 Milk Your Own Cows Communications02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMSean Crabtree $90.003.00Open
C108 Open Wide: Let's Look Inside Oral Pathology02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMLouis DePaola $90.003.00Open
C109 Diagnosing and Treating the Worn Dentition Restorative Dentistry02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMThomas Dudney $90.003.00Open
C110 Exit Strategies: The Rat Race is Over and the Rats Didn't Win Dental Jurisprudence02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMWilliam Prescott $90.003.00Open
C111 Special Considerations for Managing Patients with Diabetes Periodontics02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMMaria Emanuel Ryan $90.003.00Open
C112 The "Savage" Front Desk Practice Management02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMRhonda Savage $90.003.00Open
C113 The Right (and Wrong) Way to Treat Pain Oral Medicine02-21-20139:00 AM12:00 PMGeza Terezhalmy $90.003.00Open
C114 Billing and Coding Strategies That Work Practice Management02-21-20131:30 PM4:30 PMLois Banta $90.003.00Open
C115 Making "Real World" Dentistry Productive and Enjoyable Restorative Dentistry02-21-20131:30 PM4:30 PMGordon Christensen $90.003.00Sold Out
C116 Management of Dental Caries in Older Patients Geriatric Dentistry02-21-20131:30 PM4:30 PMGretchen Gibson $90.003.00Open
C117 The Periodontal Co-therapist: Contemporary Periodontology for the RDH Periodontics02-21-20131:30 PM4:30 PMTimothy Hempton $90.003.00Open
C118 Beauties and the Beasts: Hits and Misses of Cosmetic Dentistry Restorative Dentistry02-21-20131:30 PM4:30 PMMark Hyman $90.003.00Open
C119 Clinical Tips, Tricks and Techniques Restorative Dentistry02-21-20131:30 PM4:30 PMWayne Kerr $90.003.00Open
C120 Entering Practice, Your Choices Do It Right, Once Dental Jurisprudence02-21-20131:30 PM4:30 PMWilliam Prescott $90.003.00Open
C121 Periodontal Therapy: Current Status and Future Trends Periodontics02-21-20131:30 PM4:30 PMMaria Emanuel Ryan $90.003.00Open